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Get to Know Esquivel Law Chartered

Esquivel Law focuses on the legal issues facing the members of the produce industry. We are not afraid to take on novel issues in this area of the law, including complex cases involving produce and the transportation industry.

We have found that many produce industry clients have crossover involvement with transportation, either through their own companies handling shipping or through regular contact with a transportation company. We provide the knowledge and experience in both produce and transportation that our clients need to resolve their legal issues.

At Esquivel Law, we take the time to get to know our clients and their businesses special needs. Every client has individual, unique values and goals, and each one needs their own special approach. We value our clients as partners, and we are thankful for the long term relationships that we have established with clients. We also take the time to learn about the opposing party, so we can find an angle that lets us leverage the outcome of the case to our client’s benefit.

We are a small firm, so we can provide personal attention to each of our chosen clients. Katy selects all our clients personally and tries to get to know them individually before taking their case. That way we can give them exactly what is necessary for the best resolution for their case.

When you’re looking for someone to assist you with your legal needs, contact Esquivel Law through our website or our consultation line at 239.206.3731. We will be in touch to set up your appointment as soon as we hear from you.


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