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Owner and Managing Attorney Katy Koestner Esquivel opened Esquivel Law, Chartered in 2013 shortly after the birth of her son. With 15 years of litigation experience under her belt, Katy earned a reputation for being a fearless, thorough, and aggressive advocate for her clients. Add to that her experiences as a woman, and a mom, as well as her perseverance, grit and determination and you will find that Attorney Katy Koestner Esquivel is unstoppable.

Katy is admitted to appear in federal district courts in key agricultural regions. She has litigated cases on behalf of produce growers, buyers, and sellers. Katy has also appeared before judges on their behalf. Katy regularly counsels clients on regulatory compliance in food safety, transportation, licensing, and business dealings.

Following the birth of her son, Katy realized that traditional law firms were not well suited to meet the needs of working mothers. After a brief break for maternity leave, Katy decided to break the mold and create the work environment that she wanted. On November 1, 2013, Esquivel Law Chartered opened its doors in Naples, Florida and Katy has never looked back. Long before the pandemic, Esquivel Law leveraged technology to serve clients nationwide. Katy can provide outstanding legal services regardless of location.

A good business lawyer needs a great legal team, and Katy has a stellar support staff. Paralegal, Colleen Crosby, and the administrative staff provide all the backup and support necessary to ensure clients’ cases run as smoothly as possible.

Katy started her own firm intending to keep the practice focused on PACA and related law. She believes that keeping herself and her team within a narrow range of cases will provide top-quality work and give their clients the best representation available.

Katy is a past President and current Membership Chair of the Michael R.N. McDonnell American Inn of Court, a local organization of attorneys and judges dedicated to fostering excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility, and legal skills among members of the bar. Katy serves as President of the St. Ann Catholic School advisory board. Katy has also successfully completed the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course to ensure that she is up to date on the latest food safety standards within the industry.

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  • Florida (1998)

  • Illinois (2000)

  • Northern District of Florida

  • Middle District of Florida

  • Southern District of Florida

  • Central District of Illinois

  • Northern District of Illinois

  • Southern District of Illinois

  • Eastern District of Wisconsin

  • Western District of Wisconsin

  • District of Colorado

  • Eastern District of Texas

  • Southern District of Texas

  • Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Northern District of Alabama

  • Eastern District of Arkansas

  • Western District of Arkansas

  • Northern District of California

  • Eastern District of California

  • District of Colorado

  • Middle District of Georgia

  • District of Idaho

  • Eastern District of Louisiana

  • District of Maryland

  • Western District of Missouri

  • District of Nebraska

  • District of New Mexico

  • Eastern District of New York

  • District of Nevada

  • Eastern District of North Carolina

  • Northern District of Ohio

  • Southern District of Ohio

  • Western District of Oklahoma

  • District of Oregon

  • Eastern District of Pennsylvania

  • Middle District of Pennsylvania

  • Western District of Tennessee

  • Eastern District of Tennessee

  • Western District of Texas

  • Eastern District of Washington

  • Western District of Washington

  • Conference of Freight Counsel

  • Transportation Lawyers Association

  • Transportation Intermediaries Association

  • International Cannabis Bar Association

  • Florida Association of Women Lawyers

  • Collier County Bar Association

  • Collier County Women’s Bar Association


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